FS2Crew releases it’s first “Voice Commander” title!

FS2Crew-Voice-box_largeAnother way of getting closer to ‘near reality’ when simulating flight is this new approach from FS2Crew: “ Now available for purchase is FS2Crew first foray into the “Voice Command” market.  The first title in the series works with the default FSX 737.  A FS9 version is currently under development.

What makes this version of FS2Crew unique is that you can now “talk” to the flight, cabin and ground crew via your microphone.   The product also uses real-world 737 SOPs for maximum realism, and the product also uses real-human voices instead of computer generated voices.

The international voice set includes the following accents for the First Officer:   GERMAN, DUTCH, BRITISH, AMERICAN, FRENCH, IRISH, AUSTRALIAN, FINNISH and SPANISH.”

More information available at the FS2Crew site and you can purchase from the place you trust here.

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