Ever heard of ‘YSTW Tamworth Airport’ ? the time has come…

The boys from down under do not cease in their efforts to release spectacular scenery add-ons of even the remotest airfield on the island continent, or have you ever heard of YSTW Tamworth ?… unless you are from the zone, i bet you haven’t ! The abbreviation labeling this release is FTX  but also ORBX (i get confused) and their claim is that it’s the ‘world’s first 7cm/pixel airport’ (does that mean i can see a worm creeping up the grass on the side of the runway?).

Here is a video that will impress you. Their full press release is after the break.

“ The world’s FIRST 7cm/pixel airport!

Prepared to be stunned at the detail of the airport aprons, taxiways and surrounds with the first ever FSX airport to be released using incredible
7cm/pixel digital sourced aerial imagery, taken using the very latest direct to disk mounted cameras on aircraft. Never before has an airport environment
seemed so real and immersive, with the smallest of details on the ground being clearly visible. Tamworth airport is a busy regional hub and also the
home of the Basic Flight Training Skills (BFTS) school, which is the first stop for any "top gun" candidate wanting to fly with the Australian Defence
Forces. It's also within easy reach of Orbx's YSCH Coffs Harbour Airport. The scenery includes both 7cm and 15cm ground imagery close to the airport,
completely integrated into the Orbx FTX AU GOLD region. As well as BFTS and the airport, this scenery features over 200km of pristine 60cm/pixel
photoreal imagery of the Tamworth township, farms, hills and surrounds and uses a custom 5 metre resolution terrain mesh. You'll be impressed by the
tour-de-force which is YSTW!
for more information visit"

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