Here Come The Sexy Marshallers

ostayevo_2No, we’re not turning into an X-rated sim site, but the Russian developers of Ostafyevo (Alfafly) have for some reason added hotpants-clad female marshallers to their scenery. Not sure if this really will help with proper parking procedures and maybe they should have added some carrier-type safety nets too! Although from the pictures the scenery still looks a bit FS2004-ish, it is a welcome change from the usual airports and maybe worth a second look.

Available from simMarket here.

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Friday, September 25, 2009 09:27

To be honest I would buy it from Francois and Miquel really due to the fact it had some humour in it but hey, that is just me

Thursday, September 24, 2009 11:26

Thanks for all the comments folks. I already forgot about this ‘thread’, being away on business and flying, but noticed the comments scrolling on the front page. Martin has two problems (with me): 1. He doesn’t ‘get it’… either because a lack of sense of humor, or because English isn’t his mother tongue, probably both. ‘Racist’ is a word for something entirely different and in this case just too silly to react to seriously. 2. As long as I am the Managing editor here and elsewhere I will exercise my privilege to be honest, critical, skeptical, enthusiastic and personal wherever… Read more »

Doug Zabizewski
Thursday, September 24, 2009 04:13

I have a few problems with Martins comments. I am not going to involve myself in the issue involved here, it could be any issue, but i take issue with the comment, “Francois and the other staff. Your so called “news” which is more like a downgrading “review” is racist more than anything else.” First of all, Miguel provides a section called “news”, and actively solicits news, from everyone. This is something that should NEVER be discouraged for any reason. I have never seen it say,i would like news only from people with certain opinions, so please don’t disrepect this… Read more »

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 09:08

What is Martin moaning about? A retailer who does not praise everything, regardless of quality, is a blooming hero!
Most of my purchases are made via Simmarket and the service is great, as are the forums.
Anyway, in the sim-world Russia often means “good” and it is nice to have a hint as to the quality of a product before purchasing.
Francois clearly puts the customer first, in my opinion.

Saturday, September 19, 2009 13:42

Martin, I have known Francois for almost ten years. There is not a more dedicated person in this industry or this hobby. Perhaps your comparison shows a difference. However, I am thankful that Francois does not mirror other sites. That is what makes this site refreshing to come to. It is not a copy of other sites, it has its own personality. Stick around and learn the personalities of the players here and you may see how wrong you really are.