FS Global 2010 Coming

FSG2010cover_HRStefan Schaefer of FSGlobal reports that he is finishing work on FS Global 2010, which is planned to be released by the end of October this year. Stephan thinks he hasmade major improvements to the previous version(s) and writes “…. FS Global 2010 goes beyond SRTM and its limited coverage between about 60°N and 60°S. It goes beyond the current SRTM resolution of LOD9 (76m)…..”.
Click on Read more… to see the improvements.Here are some of the improvements:

– LOD12 (FS-Mesh- and sourcedata in 9m resolution!) for Hawaii (complete) and the southwest of the US, south of 38°N and west of 108°W (ca. Mesa Verde -> Point Reyes)
– High Quality Coverage of Northamerica (and p.Canada!): nationwide LOD11 (19m).
– Greenland, Iceland and Scandinavia in LOD 9 (76m; standard SRTM resolution)
-  additional high resolution areas in Europe in LOD11 (19m): High Tatra, Scottland, Hardangervidda (Norway)
– huge areas in the north of Russia in LOD9.
-  Antarctica in LOD8
– sophisticated new algorithm for correct views of ridges and peaks (most of them should have been higher and will now be nearer to actual value)
– new algorithm for reducing irrelevant data for higher data compression
– new algorithm for finding and correcting errors
– Airport-Patches for prominent problem areas
– a tool for the user to correct wrong airport elevations

More info here.

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