FSGenesis Europe Mesh

FSGenesis-logoJustin Tyme reports that his FSGenesis covers Europe with three different products; Europe 76m, Scandinavia 76m, and Alps 19m Terrain Mesh. These areas feature coverage of the Pyrenees the Apennines, Caucusus, and, of course, the Alps.
“….. Rendered directly from meticulously hand-corrected SRTM source data, as well as supplemented with Jonathan de Ferranti’s dataset filling the SRTM voids using Russian topographic maps, FSGenesis faithfully recreates this interesting region in its entirety.
FSGenesis European coverage increases the resolution of this interesting region by a factor of 8 over the default terrain, from 612m to 76m, and an incredible 64 times in the Alps region, and are available via individual downloads, CDs with free shipping, or as part of the best value FS2004 Media Bundle (with free US National Landclass)!…”.

More info on FSGenesis products on his website here.

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