AirMap-X 1000% faster says developer

fsx_und_APOLLO_Airmap_combined_22_fpsApollo Software, the makers of AirMap-X, are claiming a performance record of  1000% more speed and absolute fluidity even in the Track-Up Modus.

Now you might be wondering what this utility is and here we have it straight from their site: “APOLLO FS AirMap is a Moving Map Instrument for Microsoft Flugsimulator FS9 and Flight Simulator X, which is a complete replacement of the standard Garmin 500. In FSX the integration of AirMap into the Garmin 1000 is supported. A Moving Map makes only sense in combination with excellent charts, therefore all charts will always delivered with the full featureset of AirMap. “

For further information please follow the link to their website: Apollo Home. The full press release after the break.

Press release for immediate release
Date: 18.September 2009

from: APOLLO Software

NEW APOLLO AirMap-X - Multi-monitor, worldwide Moving Map runs at up to 1.000 frames per second

APOLLO Software sets a new performance record with its new AirMap-X, the first world-wide Moving Map for Microsoft Flightsimulator FSX/FS2004, running at unsurpassed speeds of up to 1.000 frames per second.

A complete rewrite of its popular Global Xplorer navigation instrument for Microsoft Flightsimulator, the new AirMap-X panel is the first and only world wide Moving Map for Microsoft Flightsimulator, offering unprecedented refresh rates of up to 1.000 frames per second, allowing simultaneous multi monitor displays of different VFR, ICAO, Topographic- and internet based aerial and satellite maps, all at full HD-resolutions of 1.900 x 1.200 pixels and higher. The use of the latest software development tools and advanced programming technology provides extremely smooth refresh rates, much higher than any TV or movie and approximately 10 times faster than the currently fastest pc’s running Flightsimulator. While super high refresh rates of 1.000 frames per second are certainly not required for smooth FS performance, it still leaves sufficient time for other concurrent pc tasks and unlike many other FS-add on products, it does not reduce Flightsimulator performance. 

AirMap-X displays world wide, seamless internet based aerial and satellite maps down to airport and taxiway level. It can be upgraded with original digital, (not hobbyist-scanned) pilot navigation VFR, ICAO and Topographic charts for various countries. Currently charts are available for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, USA, UK, Ireland and France. Maps for further countries are planned for future release. 

AirMap-X can be installed locally together with Flightsimulator or on networked computers without Flightsimulator. No other tools are required for network connections. 

Additional features include: smooth brightness adjustments for night flying, wind vector, radar altitude, OAT (Outside Air Temperature), several zoom levels via mouse or button click, flight plan vector, AI and internet-connected multiplayer symbols and more.

AirMap-X is a stand-alone windows application for Windows XP and VISTA. It requires only a single license for FSX and FS2004 and will be shown for the first time at the Flight Simulator exhibition at Paderborn Airport, Germany on September 26th. It is available now for pre-ordering for a time limited special introductory price of 29.95 Euro. 
AirMap-X will be shipping starting September 26th.

AirMap-X stands for “X-tended” performance

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