AirwaySim offers new game worlds

AirwaySimSami Puro sends this in:  “The online management simulation AirwaySim has recently opened new game worlds where people can try out their skills as an airline manager. The two new game worlds are titled “The Modern Times” and “Beginner’s World”. The first being a very long 7-month scenario taking the players from the early 1990s to all the way to the era of the new B787’s and A350’s in the late 2010s. The second, like its name suggests, is a world aimed for newcomers with limited number of players and somewhat easier settings. … “… .. “…The core software of this online simulation has been also updated with a new “version 1.11” service pack that adds many minor features and fixes. At the same time with the new game worlds AirwaySim has also introduced a new “pay as you play” scheme where the users are billed according to the time played in each game world, compared to a previous fixed fee.

Details about AirwaySim briefly: AirwaySim is an online airline management simulation game/software. It works under the Massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) principle and in the simulation each player is in control of their own airline and compete against other airline managers around the world.

The management decisions made by players are directly related to other players, for example when it comes to ticket pricing or selling aircraft. There are also other options to interact with players, such as forming an airline alliance. The core of the game play concept is to acquire aircraft to the company, keep them maintained, discover new potential routes for the airline, and set them up for the company’s aircraft. The game database consists of over 2500 different airports around the world and practically every commercial passenger airliner ever built.”

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