Partly Finished C-17 For Sale

ALPHA_C-17Interesting. Nowadays you can apparently even sell stuf that’s not yet ready! Just received a note from Phil at Alphasim advertising his C-17. But he also states that buyers only get the exterior model with sounds because the cockpit is not yet ready !!?? Hmmmmm…. I need money badly too, good trick… let me see what I can come up with next…… *grin*. Seriously though, click on Read Full Story to read the official press release……

“…… Demand for this awesome model was so strong that we decided we should not make our customers wait any longer, so we are releasing the finished exterior model package right now.
Version 1.0 does not however have a VC yet, the cockpit is still under development. Included in the version 1.0 package is the 100% complete exterior model, along with eight incredibly detailed texture  sets by master artist Pierre Lheureux and a fantastic C-17 sounds set by sounds experts TSS.
Both FS2004 and FSX are supported with unique models – the FSX one excels with super-sharp 2048-pixel resolution textures, self-shadowing and very subtle bump mapping. Both sims also share many animations : alongside the usual fowler flaps, spoilerons and reverse thrusters, there are animations for the front exit and steps, paratroop doors, rear cargo to level AND optional ground position, switchable pilots and switchable formation (‘slime’) lights. The rear cargo hold also has night-lighting. A Photoshop paintkit is being put together and will be uploaded in due course……”.

More info on Phil’s website here.

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