Yak-40 Panel From DBS Studio

yak50_1DBS Studio, known from the Walk-and-Follow application, now presents us with a panel for a Yak-40. According to their information it can be used in FS2004 AND in FSX, and on other aircraft than just the Yak-40 too. They also mention that "…..  the DBS Yak-40 Panel has authentic "Kremen" autopilot logics (altitude hold, bank/pitch control by autopilot handle). Recommended screen resolution to use DBS Yak-40 Panel in fullscreen mode is 1280×1024 (or similar 5:4 screen resolution)….".

The panel is available from simMarket.

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Monday, October 5, 2009 21:24

sF.COM: Yak-40 Panel From DBS Studio http://bit.ly/2NB4oV #fb

Monday, October 5, 2009 23:27

From the network: Yak-40 Panel From DBS Studio: DBS Studio, known from the Walk-and-Follo.. http://bit.ly/4AaPNh