Free Add-on For Ship Simulator 2008

Shipyard-RedEagleSuperpackThe Dutch Ship Simulator developer VSTEP announced that it will add free download packs for Ship Simulator 2008 at “The Shipyard”, the online vessel & environment shop for Ship Simulator 2008.  “…… The first release, called the Red Eagle Super Pack is now available for free download.

All Ship Simulator 2008 and Ship Simulator 2008: New Horizons users will be able to download this new add-on pack for free and rediscover the Red Eagle Ferry, enjoy new gameplay features and play exciting new missions. The Red Eagle Super Pack was created by the dedicated Ship Simulator Creator’s Forum….”.

“…… VSTEP will release new high quality free add-on packs for Ship Simulator 2008 at the Shipyard on a weekly basis leading up to the release of the new Ship Simulator Extremes game in 2010.

To download the free add-on pack, visit the Shipyard……”.

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