Multi Crew Experience Discounted

FSMCE100x100FS++ offers a 25% reduction on their Multi Crew Experience package on simMarket, until the end of October. According to their press release, here is what they are selling”…..  the add-on that lets you experience what it’s like to operate the big iron. The best of speech recognition applied to FSX and FS2004 simulation, that works with all default aircraft and many more. Total voice interaction with other members of the crew, and also with native FS ATC controllers….”.

“….. No money spinning schemes like, MCE for B737, MCE for B747, MCE for B777… Just one product for both FSX & FS2004, from XP to Windows 7, 32 or 64 Bit. Easy to set-up. Offer ends October 31 st. 2009 at midnight Zulu time. Get the multi- crew factor. Get multi-crewed. Get MCE. Fully working demo available here.  …..”.

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  1. I can only recommend this program. Use it in conjunction with editvoicepack and you’ll be in immersion heaven 🙂

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