Traffic X Military Planes

TrafficPlusPakX_M_40JustFlight just published an add-on to their Traffic X package; Traffic X PlusPak Military. “…… This add-on provides additional military AI aircraft for Traffic X (Boxed or Download), but Traffic X is NOT required if you want to simply add this PlusPak to FSX. This package features 150 aircraft comprising 16 different types. The aircraft are fully compatible with Traffic X (FSX/DX10 Preview compatible) and the textures are in the new DDS format….”.

“…… This new PlusPak includes additional Airport Facility files to improve the default airports with more parking positions, especially for large aircraft, and flight plans are in the new Traffic X format so that they can be used by the Traffic Control Centre (TCC), an updated version of which is included.

All fighters have an access ladder shown hooked onto the aircraft when parked with the engine off. When the aircraft starts, the ladder is removed……”.

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