Newfoundland Vol 1 From Daniel Louvet

CHG2-2You can’t fault Daniel for not being persistent, because here is his fourth VFR Short Fields X title, called “Vol 1 Newfoundland”. It includes “….. 3 great airports in Newfoundland:  CYDF Deer Lake, CHG2 Harbour Grace and CYJT Stephenville. All 3 airports are situated in amazing Newfoundland, Canada. They are a great place to visit for any type of single or twin engines and offers service for general aviation aircraft, cargo, military and gliders…..”.

It can be found on simMarket, where else.

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Saturday, October 31, 2009 11:52

sF.COM: Newfoundland Vol 1 From Daniel Louvet http://bit.ly/8Tiqi #fb