Day: October 31, 2009

MyTraffic X Professional V5.2b

Burkhard Renk today published Version 5.2b of his famous MyTraffic X product on “…. MyTraffic X is THE product to add realistic AI traffic


DBS Studios from Russia have released their TCAS gauge. “….. TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) prevents pilots from mid-air collisions. DBS’s Universal TCAS system is

Newfoundland Vol 1 From Daniel Louvet

You can’t fault Daniel for not being persistent, because here is his fourth VFR Short Fields X title, called “Vol 1 Newfoundland”. It includes “….. 3 great

Alaska Mission From Mark Taylor

Hmmmmmm…… yet another one of these missions. Mark Taylor of ‘Fly Sim Server’ writes “…… Alaska air travel is necessary for the most interesting, and

Ship Sim 2008 Free Add-ons

Continuing its weekly release of free download packs for Ship Simulator 2008, game developer VSTEP announces “…… the Jumbo Javelin Super Pack, the third new

More Flight1 Super 80 Liveries

Oh well, not world shattering news…. yet another repaint… but hey, it’s a press release and the McPhat paints are rather nice. “…. McPhat Studios

Imaginesim’s Chek Lap Kok FS2004

Cal Lewin of Imaginesim reports that he has has released Hong Kong International (Chek Lap Kok), “…. the multi award winning airport at the beating

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