Cloud9 Support To FSDreamTeam

cloud9_logoIn a recent press release Virtuali s.a.s. of Italy says it “…… is pleased to announce to have reached an agreement  with Cloud9 s.a.s. to handle customer and product support for all  their existing products to FSDreamTeam support. This will allow an  easier user experience, because the FSDreamTeam support will now  handle reactivation and support for Cloud9 products too.
Starting from November 6th 2009, users will be able to download all  the latest versions and patches from the FSDreamTeam web site…”.

“….. The FSDreamTeam forum will have a section dedicated to support Cloud9  products, and users in need to email support for reactivation or  reinstallation question, will be able to email FSDreamTeam for any  questions related to Cloud9 products and orders.

The previous Cloud9 support email address will still be usable, and  questions sent to this email will be answered by FSDreamTeam support.  
However, we suggest start using the FSDreamTeam support address for  Cloud9 questions right now, because it might result in faster reply  
The Cloud9 web site and forum will be active until January 31th, 2010.  However, starting from today, the Cloud9 forum will not accept new  
registrations and new posts: if you don’t have an account on the  FSDreamTeam forum already, you are welcome to register and post your  
questions there.
This agreement will also have the following effect on product released  by Cloud9:
– Over the next weeks, all Cloud9 installers will be updated to use  the same installation routine as FSDreamTeam. This will fix any  possible compatibility issues and remove any requirement on the order  of installation for products released by the two companies which might  
have existed in the past.
– FSDreamTeam will be able to publish fixes for any issues that might  be found in Cloud9 products, or to improve compatibility with newer  Operating Systems.
– Cloud9 has agreed to give FSDreamTeam the rights to use part of the  previously released Cloud9 products, to create entirely new versions,
to be sold by FSDreamTeam…”.

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