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ROF2News for Rise of Flight fans: Neoqb released update 1.008 for Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War. “….. Update 1.008 will bring two new planes in the store (Fokker Dr.I and Sopwith Camel) and will add new summer textures to the game. It will also fix the AI of pilots who sometimes “got out of hand” with their marksmanship skills and it should increase game performance on some systems as well…..”. Actually, users of the game will be upgraded automatically, since it only plays with an on=line connection and checks for updates when starting each time.
“…. Another new feature is the ‘Fly now’ option that has been added to the main game menu. With this, users can play a rather simple “sampler” mission that will be helpful to those who find ‘Rise of Flight’ a bit too difficult. Several typical targets such as an echelon, a vehicle column, Russian roulette, a balloon, etc. were placed along a single flight route. It will be useful for training purposes, and while it’s not quite as advanced as the quick mission generator, it’s a good first step in that direction and brings us that much closer to the real thing.

Neoqb will develop this mission with each update, adding new elements and content, until they have finished the real ‘quick mission generator’, which will allow for much easier, and more dynamic, mission creation.

Realism lovers and sticklers will be glad to find a blip switch added to some airplanes along with all the accurate engine behaviors thereof. Neoqb have also finished the full version of the ‘Rise of Flight Mission Editor manual’. It’s well over a hundred pages long and it will help out the RoF mission designing community.

The full list of changes you can find on the official game forum……”.

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