Danish Airfields X – Raarup

raarup16What looks like a nice little rural airfield in Denmark is now up for sale on simMarket: Danish Airfields X – Raarup. “….  RÃ¥rup is an accurate and highly detailed rendition of RÃ¥rup Airfield EKRA, a small, private airfield located about 6 NM South-East of the city of Horsens on the East coast of Jutland, Denmark. This scenery conveys the atmosphere of a small local Danish airfield and it is an ideal starting point for exploring Eastern Jutland and the Danish fjords and belts. The Kattegat is only a few miles away, and there is just a short hop over to the islands Endelave and Samsø….”. Get it here at simMarket.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009 13:12

sF.COM: Danish Airfields X – Raarup http://bit.ly/2qC8pH #fb

Thursday, November 12, 2009 13:55

From the network: Danish Airfields X — Raarup: What looks like a nice little rural airfield in.. http://bit.ly/4DO48x