Grenadines From FlyTampa


Sounds like a fizzy drink or something… Grenadines? Apparently a group of islands somewhere, well, in the sea. As an editor I don’t like this minimalistic approach to advertising. But it being from Martin Brunken I guess you’ll know what to expect without writing what it is, eh? In the package you get “…. 5 airports: Bequia (TVSB), Mustique (TVSM), Canouan (TVSC), Union (TVSU) and Carriacou (TGPZ). The islands are covered with photoscenery, custom autogen and mesh with sloped runways and animated AI ships….”. You’ll have to do it with that, we don’t know more either. Check it out here at simMarket.



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  1. the ‘buy’ button was indeed gone overnight because flytampa had some issues with the installer and we had to wait for a new one… then they had issues with uploading the large file, also due to the same hosting problems we had yesterday (thank you DREAMHOST!!!), so we had to wait again.. then we all fell asleep and now it’s a brand new day and the ‘buy’ button is back in all it’s glory.. so please make our day and go for it! 🙂

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