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SimFlight ‘regular’ Tim Arnott in the UK has now released his wonderful new VFR Flight Planner for both FS9 and FSX! He writes “…. UK based TA Software has released the most exciting freeware addon for Flight Simulator enthusiasts for a long time.  Targeting the VFR and GA pilot, it is easy to use, packed with features, fully configurable and remarkably – entirely FREE!….”.
You can find it on Tims web site here.

“…… Called Plan-G, it uses the acclaimed and versatile Google Maps mapping tool.  Any geographical feature which exists in Google Maps can be included in your flight plans, and all the features of Google Maps are fully available.  Overlaid on the Google Map are the necessary navigation features extracted from FS – controlled airspace, airports, navaids, VRPs etc., with automatic switching at lower zoom levels to avoid clutter.

Plan-G runs outside FS as a web-style application using its own inbuilt Internet Explorer browser. It requires only an internet connection to function, and installation could not be simpler.

Flight Plans can be reversed, with text-based or graphical creation and editing. Waypoints can be added, amended and deleted and track lines dragged to new waypoints with the mouse.  Flights can be saved in FS9 or FSX format and existing flight plans created in FS itself can be imported, displayed and modified as required.
User defined waypoints can be created “on the fly” as you build a plan, and stored in an internal database or imported from external databases.

Plan-G can be connected to FS9 or FSX so you can see your aircraft moving across the map as you fly, with the option to also display aircraft instrumentation, heading, altitude, distance to run, course deviation etc. as you fly.  AI aircraft or other aircraft in a multiplayer session within a configurable range may also be displayed.  Flight trails can be recorded, weather data can be imported from FS to help calculate headings and leg times…..”.

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  1. It’s a really nice bit of work; simple, elegant, and functional. I’m enjoying flight planning almost as much as the flying itself now.

  2. Wow – extreamly well done. Thank you!!..
    As Bill say – It’s almost fun planneing.

  3. I’ve got glasses (and a hearing aid) but having to have seven go’s at putting in this six letter code to get registered is getting beyond a joke. I’ve put in Just flight for the firm who make the Piper Warrior and VSI didn’t pose much of a problem but I’m having to guess what letters this wretched software seems to like.
    Can you tell me which letter I’m getting wrong please. (Or maybe it’s all of them…..)

  4. Peter, maybe the system doesn’t like your surname? ROFL !!!!
    I have no idea. Some people seem to have a deficiency in seeing colors used in the various forum protection schemes. Not much a forum owner can do about that, safe of disabling protection…. and immediately getting swamped by a gazillion viagra sellers !

  5. Peter, if you go to the bottom of the gallery page on my website and send me an email using the address there, I’ll send you Tim’s email address and he should be able to manually activate your forum account.

    Sorry it’s convoluted, I just don’t want to post my email here for spammers (they can still get it, just making it harder).

  6. Peter I have the same problem as I have poor eyesight these dfays and I can’t join the Forum because of all the funny looking colours and letters 🙂

    Never mind I will get my son to grab me a copy on the weekend.


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