FS Career With FSCaptain

FSCaptain-fcomCharles “Dutch” Owen and Systems Unlimited have programmed FSCaptain, a career simulator for FSX. Along the lines of other such programs like FS Economy, Air Hauler and others, there now is an additional option for you! “…… FSCaptain offers a new approach to simulating a professional career in Flight Simulator with special emphasis on realism and flexibility.  

Far more than just a log, the program provides a realistic flight environment in which to fly while it tracks your performance; measuring passenger satisfaction, professional competence, on-time performance and adherence to company policy. The results will improve your flying skills — because it isn’t easy to sit in the left seat of an airliner and measure up to the demanding expectations of the job!….”. Read more about it and download the FREE trial at simMarket here!

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Thursday, December 3, 2009 23:31

Wow, this actually looks really cool! I think I would actually pick this up. I’d like to see a video of how it all works, though.