LatinVFR Brings You Jamaica



LatinVFR Published scenery for MKJP Kingston  Airport for FS2004 and FSX. Ricardo Morillo, the developer, writes “……  Kingston’s Jamaica, embracing energy offers a mix of metropolitan ambitions and old world heritage. Rhythmic reggae music, a fascinating culture and fine restaurants and eateries offer a variety in entertainment, history and cuisine…..”.
Available from simMarket now.

“…. Kingston … the “Heartbeat of Jamaica”

The Airport (MKJP, KIN) serves a diverse range of travellers; foreign nationals (for business and leisure) as well as non-resident and resident Jamaicans.

With its proximity to the nation’s capital MKJP is of significant importance for business travel to and from Jamaica and for the movement of air cargo. Ease of access to all areas in the country, through a modern road and highway system, allows visitors to connect to internationally acclaimed resort areas, as well as to idyllic locations ‘off the beaten track’…..”.

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