Another X-Plane CRJ-200 Video Posted

XAsigX-Aviation announced a second video of their CRJ-200 project for X-Plane today. “…..  it shows off a good portion of our systems programming for the CRJ-200. This video goes through the startup to taxi from a cold and dark scenario, and demonstrates the many months and thousands of hours of work that have gone into making this great add-on. You can view the video here. If you’d like to continue to follow progress of the CRJ-200 development, be sure to watch our forum postings here…..”.

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  1. One of the complaints I’ve heard from FS aircraft developers about X-Plane is the difficulty (or outright impossibility) of full-fledged systems modeling. It’ll be interesting to see how well this thing works on that level when it’s released. Visually, it’s already clear that it’s a masterpiece.

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