Audio Environment: Airliner Edition

Flight1 has released a product to enhance the sounds for FSX. They write “…. Flight1 have had huge success over many years in enhancing Microsoft Flight Simulator’s realism and making it ever easier for pilots to immerse themselves in the sim.  Our latest title Audio Environment: Airliner Edition will again revolutionise your virtual world…..”.
“……. Audio Environment: Airliner Edition replaces the FSX airliner sounds with custom made, high quality stereo sounds.  Extensive development time has been taken to ensure that the improved sounds work seamlessly whatever traffic programme you do or don’t use — you can even use the sounds in other freeware and payware aircraft addons!

On the ground or in the air you will be immediately astonished at how much of a difference this package makes to the realism of your FSX world, and when (if?) you get used to the amazing realism of the sounds of your virtual airports and traffic you can rediscover your favourite FSX aircraft with their brand new sounds .

Samples of the new sounds are available at the flight1 website here:, the best way to understand how much of a boost to fsx this product is however is to give it a try, and as with all  Flight1 products there’s a guaranteed money back offer. If you don’t like the software for any reason then just let us know and get a full refund.    With nothing to lose and everything to gain this really is a golden opportunity to revamp your entire virtual world — sounds good?  You bet it does.

Available here to download now. ….”.

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