More t-shirts

Although up here in the mountains I’d rather be clad with something more substantial, I know that many of our readers are lucky enough to live in more moderate climates, so they could wear MikeMax’s t-shirts even on January 2nd. You can find his collection of aviation(related) T’s here on simMarket.

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  2. This is an untapped market in flight simulation. I would be curious to know how well these sell, but that’s obviously something that is confidential.

    One thing I think would help, Francois, would be to have this guy get some pictures of the shirts being worn. It’s not that easy to visualize what they actually look like with such a small picture.

    Also, in the fine print, it says these come in different colors. Didn’t know that before! That’s a big plus.

    As far as moderate climates, I’m afraid our area hasn’t seen anything near moderate. It’s been 10F-ish for weeks. Today it was a balmy 47F. could have used of these Tshirts! But I have an aviation Tshirt for every day of the week already 😉

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