FS Control’s New Throttle

FS Controls have released their new twin throttle and stand for it. “….. High end value, yet affordable. Taking Realism to the next level. The FS-TQ-Twin is loaded with functionality for the biggest bang for the buck available today. Features include  USB plug and play (some in-game setup required), gear driven axis on throttles and spoiler lever, independent reverser levers, flaps lever and more…”. Available from simMarket now. The associated ‘stand’ is available here.

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  2. Another copy cat? Looks like a stolen version of GOFLIGHT stuff. I would never guy this hunk of junk. Every joe wants to make QUICK BUCK in flightsim by providing cheap stuff like this one.


  3. oh, you like monopolies then.. you maybe right, but how can you judge without ever been even near one?

  4. To be honest, I very much doubt it is “stolen” as GoFlight haven’t done anything different to what thousands of home cockpit builders have done over the years. All they do is build a quantity of identical ones rather than one-off models and make them available to people who don’t want or don’t have the skills to build their own.

    …or did everyone who ever built a generic home cockpit “steal” what GoFlight did as well, even when they did it before GoFlight did?

  5. Ah, ‘mr.’ Yari again 🙂

    Just for the record, I am familiar with Scott’s work over the past year and he has designed AND built his products. There’s no ‘junk’ involved in the news item other than some comment that was added.

  6. I stumbled upon this by accident, and Thanks guys for the support.
    I would like to add that goflight has some great products. I own one of their throttles.
    Just saw some room for improvement, that’s all.

    As for making a “Quick Buck”? Not the case here. If I did not love what i was doing, I would not even mess with this.

    Here is a quote from Tim Arnot that pretty much sums that up.

    “How to make a small fortune making flight sim addons: Start with a Large fortune”.


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