FranceVFR Releases Bretagne

Laurent Dupouey of France (FranceVFR) has released yet another one of his magnificent photosceneries. The latest one covers 31,000 square kilometers of French terrain and coastlines in Bretagne (Britany). “…. Each of the default airport platforms on the scenery have been reworked too in order to closely fit the phototexture with precisely aligned taxiways, buildings and objects, greatly enhancing them from those of the standard FSX…”. Now available here on simMarket.

“…… Many 3D objects and VFR landmarks are provided to experiment VFR flying, and a customized autogen coverage (houses, buildings and vegetation) is provided all around the coast and on the largest airports (about 50% of the scenery is covered with autogen). Therefore, the virtual pilot can experience both VFR and IFR flights within a very large zone at a degree of realism never attained before in this region.

Our main goal in developing this new concept of scenery add-ons is to recreate a realistic flying experience from a pilot’s point of view.

This scenery is part of the VFR Régional collection that will provide at least one extension pack to enhance this base product with new objects, VFR landmarks, airports, a larger autogen coverage and much more depending on the product region (you’ll find more details about extension pack products on France VFR website and forum)…..”.

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