Abacus’ Military Helicopters 2 Contest

Abacus Publishing has released Military Helicopters 2 which “…… is a follow up to our first collection of rotorcraft. You’re at the controls of some of the most serious helicopters on the planet. They’ve been modeled with exacting detail and texturing to provide you with a realistic piloting experience. Are you a good chopper pilot? These are not your everyday news and traffic helicopters. Flying at top speed and landing it with precision takes a talent few possess….”.

“….. To help promote these rotorcraft, we’re holding a contest with Bell Heliicopter merchandise as prizes. For a chance to win any of these prizes, click here. Enter the contest and you may win one of these: Huey die-cast model, Bell Helicopter Military Calendar, Huey Poster, Bell Coffee Mug, Huey and Bell hats, and more….”.

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