Angle of Attack News

Chris Palmer of Angle of Attack posted some news on his blog. If you have time to watch a 12 minute (!) video, you can get all the details here. In short it says that he is making progress on the PMDG MD11 Training (clkick on Read more for detals).  He also mentions his Aviator 90 product, which is a 90-day free FS pilot training course on video, with 45 lessons. You can sign up for the newsletter to learn when it starts.

Some details on the MD11 project:


– Work Continues
– We have Dropped the Systems Section of the Product (Watch the Video for a Deeper Explanation)
– 3 Flights will fill the time left by the Systems Section
– These flights are: EGLL — LEPA, PANC — KMEM, PHNL — YSSY
– We are giving a tentative release date of late April into May….”.

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