Upgrade To Tuscany Photoreal By OZx

Jay Kae of OZx reports that they are “…… proud to release the expected upgrade to the version 1.1 of North Tuscany photoreal, Italy! As in the previous version, where people had a sensation of full immersion in this new concept of photoreal, this upgrade wants to improve the autogen of the already covered area, adding anyway a new zone, Lucca and its environment. …”. “…… The coast from Marina di Pisa to Lido di Camaiore has been fully implemented with the autogen, along as the wonderful area of Puccini lake. Inside the Apuan Alps (provided with mesh developed by Holger Sandmann), another fantastic lake, the late of Vagli, with its little city. Beautiful landmark 3d objects have been added, we speak about the famous miracles’ square in Pisa (developed by Dario Bortot) and an ancient castle, the castle of Malaspina, in Massa (developed by Loreno Venanti). The Isle of Elba and other cute islands are also availables here (developed by Antonio C.)
All the territory is perfect to be flown also at the sunset or in the night, a real experience with the well experimented true nightlights system. Fluidity and hi graphic details, a project by Maurizio G. This release will be the base to cover the entire area with the autogen, and to develop completely in 3D the town of Lucca too (already in progress). Two options are availables: the full pack Tuscany 1.1 and only the upgrade, for those who already have the version 1.0. Only for your FSX SP2, 1mt/pixel res, summer and spring seasons. Don’t miss it!….”.
More info can be found here.
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