Fly To Alpe d’Huez

Eric Majeraz aka LLH Creations has released LLH7 in his series of altiports (mountain airfields in France). LLH7 shows you the field at Alpe d’Huez, Henri Giraud, named after the famous French pilot and pioneer. Alpe d’Huez may be more familiar to you as one of the famous ‘etappes’ in the Tour de France! LLH7 is for FSX, an FS9 version is expected soon. Check out the product here.

“…. Main features of the product:
– Textures on the high altitude airport having a resolution of 5 cm per pixel.
– All the new buildings of the high altitude airport are represented.
– Hundreds of objects and buildings are modelled, making the immersion even more realistic.
– Optimized exploitation of the effects of textures permitted by the SDK of FSX.
– Relief of the ground on and around the high altitude airport respecting reality perfectly.
– Summer and winter seasons within FSX, four seasons within FS2004.
– Specific Landclass.
– Textures completely reworked from photographs.
– 100% Integrated with the “basepack Alpe du nord” of France VFR.
– 100% Integrated with the high resolution “Nextmesh” Alpe of the north of France VFR…..”.

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