B-52 From Captain Sim Released

Captain Sim reports they have now released their B-52 ‘Buff’ that was announced last week. Mind you, it is an ‘exterior model only’ product that uses a default 747 cockpit. More info on the Captain Sim website here.

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  1. Won’t be buying this. No cockpit or panel. Alias to the crappy FS10 747 cockpit which looks like early FS9….

  2. Ya, don’t understand why they would go through all the touble to make one of the most classic planes in world history, just to make it a “skin” for a default 747. Why would one want to buy this? The B-52 has 8 engines Captain Sim, not 4. No desire to buy this.

  3. This looks like a beautiful airplane but I just can’t spend money on it until there is a B52 panel. When will that happen?

  4. I would have to agree. Although I can’t tell that picture apart from many I’ve seen on places like, it isn’t enough to get me super excited. However, if it did carpet bombing I think I might be inclined to take advantage of it.

    Odd strategy by CaptainSim, isn’t it?

  5. B-52 BLUFF released….;-)

    Sorry, but I always read it that way.
    Who cares about it, would be acceptable as freeware.

  6. A better version of the the B-52 is the Alphasim model.Far,far better than Captain Sim’s latest.I won’t be buying anything more from CS after the C-130 as they make everything so difficult on their site.One cannot even enquire about the cost of the B-52 without having a previous purchase to login to.Seems they do not want any customers.Compared to other add-on developers,they are hard work.

  7. Actually, most of what you have said there is not true, Rick.

    To check the price of anything via Captain Sim’s site, you click on “buy now” on the product page, or purchase/online store on the upper drop downs, then select the store you wish to use (PayPal or Credit Card). At that point, the prices are visible for all to see, no login required. The B-52 Exterior is €9.99.

    The other incorrect information on this thread is regarding engines supported by FS. Neither FS9, nor FSX, can support any more than 4 engines of identical type per model. That is a fixed limitation. Therefore, any package that requires more than four engines (or two different engine types, such as a Neptune, for example) can only really use a maximum of four identical engines and create gauge “fudges” to make it appear there are any more, or of different types. The sim is still seeing a maximum of four identical type engines (jet, piston or turboprop). As this is an external model only, there are no gauges to fudge, so it can only possibly have four engines.

    It doesn’t interest me as a product either, but a little bit of research before posting incorrect complaints goes a long way.

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