Outerra Terrain

Some things go well above my pretty little head, but I know what I see. And I know what I like. And the Outerra terrain engine definitely has potential. Check out the axel action on this Tatra truck and the landscape it is driving around in. There’s lots more to see and read on Brano’s blog here !

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  1. Pray tell, what relevance does a ground based simulation engine have to an airborne simulation product? what the developer claims as a `planetary` engine is nothing of the sort unless it ALSO replicates air masses, weather dynamics and of course, water. The blogger/developer mentions climate data, where is it?

    While this might have potential does no-one consider the fps impact of fractal alogorithms running entirely on the GPU, when that GPU is also tasked with aircraft and weather display..? The load transients could cause massive fps fluctuations. Centimetric resolution implies both the very highest quality real-world data (which does not exist) and load-focus on the capabilities of the GPU. ACES could easily have re-targetted focus on the GPU but resisted. Wonder why?

    While this might be an alternative it would need to convince by showing exponential – not logarithmic – increases in performance with increasingly powerful modern GPUs to be even considered for a future FS product engine.

  2. Impressive engine indeed. I’m not qualified to say if it’s ready for a technical flight sim or not, but the visual technology is certainly more advanced than FS visual engine IMHO.


  3. It looks impressive to me. If it doesn’t hold for a very complex flight sim, it could still be great for multiple vehicle sims similar to Armed Assault – the current state of the engine certainly reminds me of ArmA, and it looks prettier.

  4. I’ll go along with “pretty”. I recall a few years (well, a couple of decades ago, in fact) when armies were looking for a good helicopter simulation. They took a “ground based simulation engine” and simply removed the “Stick this object to the terrain mesh” lines out of the code allowing the three and a halfth dimension (i.e. flight at varying altitudes with respect to terrain zero.

    If I recall, it was so liked that airforces use similar engines for low level training.

    Of course – if you put “military” anywhere in the budget, we’re all paying for it…

  5. Oh, by the way – I didn’t see that army truck… in fact the video I see is a Cessna flying over a very central European scenery with FORESTS and LEAVES and GRASS…

    Very pretty. And the rest of his work on Youtube.

    But I wonder what Cody Jaggyroad would do with that. 😉

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