FS Live Traffic 3 From AirNav

AirNav Systems announces “….. the release of their AirNav FS Live Traffic 3, the new version of the award winning Microsoft Flight Simulator X add-on. AirNav FS Live Traffic X allows any Flight Simulator enthusiast to fly in real-time with real world traffic inside FSX – the new version adds the possibility of doing it Worldwide as traffic from US, Europe and other regions is now included…”. More details and screenshots here.

“… FS Live Traffic 3 feeds Microsoft Flight Simulator traffic engine with data from our FAA Server Connection and Worldwide ADS-B network. This results in up to 8000 real flights flying with you, Live! Hundreds of airlines models and liveries included by default.
The application is available in 3 editions:
– For North American Users: US Edition
– For European Users:  Europe Edition
– For users in other regions: Worldwide Edition

This is an internet based application so all you need is an internet connection and Microsoft Flight Simulator installed. No hardware needed……”.

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  1. a) Their pricing policy is out of this world.
    b) Couldn’t find info on how addon airports are handled.
    c) Couldn’t find info how traffic on airports not covered by them is handled
    d) Couldn’t find how traffic for flights in the past or future is handled.
    e) Kept my wallet firmly closed.

  2. darem, this is not an FS addon. it’s a product of it’s own.
    yes, the pricing is daring for home users.

  3. Miguel, (stamps on the floor like a little child *g) “Yes, it is!”. It’s a standalone program that converts real life flights to a format that is readable for FSX. Their website states that they gave 1600 airports in FSX a treatment: “…it brings a collection of more than 1600 enhanced airports, which have been tested on many live schedules to support the aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator X that have been found live in hundreds of samples to visit them.”

    Apparently, it works together with My Traffic X Pro 5.2 upwards, but their site is a little vague about how it does and thus my statements above.

    If I want to cover the US and Europe, it’s 80 Euros for 6 months, auto renewal. That’s more than I would pay for World of Warcraft *g*. And I don’t think they have any other target group than FSX home users with this product (they offer Live Flight Tracker as well, which would be a real standalone program that could be of broader interest).

  4. lol! you are right darem, i should start reading my own website more carefully.. i had their main product in mind all the time and totally forgot this one even existed. yes, it does work with mytraffic, i believe it even integrates parts of mytraffic in it… burkhard can tell us more about it when he reads this.

    so, you play WoW too? 🙂

  5. Got to agree Darem not much info available on their site last thing I want to do is screw up my system airports not knowing how they will be handeled. Burkhard where arth thou? We
    need some help!

  6. FSlife is a product that does not use published or prepared schedules, but calculates a new set of AI schedules based on several sources of real world data every minute and gives you as download – so sets flights where they are in real life out there.

    These data are professional data and cost money. So if you want to have the aircraft emulating the real world for the next hours, and not simulating it, then there is no alternative. They use commercial data for this, and these aren’t free, their buisiness model uses the same data for several applications to be able to give the private user data for 80€ per 6 months that costs many thousands per month if you book them directly. ( The same data are used by airports as example on their inbound/outbound boards ).

    Technically, if you imagine a MyTraffic X Lite 1.0, which replaces its schedule file by a real world shot downloaded directly before you start FSX, you know the product.

  7. Have a few minutes more, so to answer:
    a) Their pricing policy is out of this world.

    Ask an airport what it pays for the same data per month, and you know that this is extremely cheap …

    b) Couldn’t find info on how addon airports are handled.

    Every airport takes control of AI the second the aircraft contacts it the first time during approach. Then all is only a matter of the airport, not of the schedules.

    c) Couldn’t find info how traffic on airports not covered by them is handled

    Whenever any of the approximately 1600 airports that show up in their data is observerd in real life, the aircraft will fly there, compiling in principle against all of the airports that offer AI in FSX – but most of the airports that can have AI traffic in FSX never show up in the data sets. This leaves room for other AI addons.

    d) Couldn’t find how traffic for flights in the past or future is handled.

    Not at all. All their beauty is that they offer the best NOW.

    e) Kept my wallet firmly closed.

    That’s another decision, if you want simulation instead of emulation…

  8. I registered this weekend.

    I did open my wallet and now am regretting I did.

    1) you download the flights and airports through their program before you run FSX.

    2) It automatically updates the airport scenery. (Doesn’t give you a choice not to update them)

    3) I pushed my traffic to 100% and started a flight at KLAX at 7:30am. I only saw ONE realworld flight. An El AL plane at the terminal. Everything else ( About 40 flights) were FSX AI (Global…Pacifica..etc)

    4) Went to and saw about 6 or 7 AA flights inbound.

    5) Did same at KSFO. Saw only ONE plane…Lufthansa parked.

    6) BTW..I think their version of LAX looks worse than FSX. I hope I can get it all back to normal.

  9. And, their promise of “you’ll hear back from us in 24 hours” customer service is bogus.

  10. You are obviously doing a great many things wrong here… I think you should learn some basics about AI traffic management. To get this addon to work properly (same goes for MTX) you do need some basic knowledge of FS internals.

  11. I have been an FS Live subscriber for 6 years. I began with FS 2004 and upgraded to FSX. Yes, FS Live is expensive… but like Burkhard said, the data FS Live is pushing is extremely expensive and they are the only ones who make it available. If you don’t care to have near real time flight data there are other AI alternatives (check out World of AI to start or the latest version of MyTraffic). I agree, AirNav’s customer service is shotty and their website is a lot of fluff… I personally find it annoying but the data they push is tremendous. I have not upgraded to FS Live 3 yet; I am satisfied with FS Live 2 but, I am strongly considering upgrading. There was a glitch with FS Live 2 initially when I installed it to FSX but, AirNav customer service did come through and FS Live 2 has worked great for me.

  12. So far FS Live Traffic 3 does not work with Windows 7 64 bit. Others are haveing the same problem and AirNav Systems has not responded.

  13. Downloaded today aircraft loading in ok
    use manchester airport quite a lot
    not sure about some of the flights or flight Nos used
    still useing singapore 747 should be 777 300 and there
    at 4pm in the afternoon these are morning flights but plenty to see
    not like ultimate traffic 2 had to put some woai in with that to
    make up the gates with aircraft useing world edition

    l holmes

  14. second day of useing fs live 3 fsx world edition
    noticed no flybee and i have mytraffic x 5.2a witch i thought
    you had to take out before install of fs live can this still be used

    l holmes

  15. AIRNAV FS LIVE TRAFFIC 3 is 100% inaccurate. Was told they’re working on patch but it’s been over 10 months now. Recommended not to buy until the patch has became available. 🙁

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