Soon On simMarket Too

No doubt we’ll be able to welcome SkyUnlimited’s latest titles ‘Texans Volume 2 Flight Experience Pack’ on the simMarket webshop soon. For now, suffice to repeat Jesse Lambert’s own words “….. Legacy of the Sky: Texans Volume 2 is an entire flight experience including new aircraft, vehicles, and artillery. Players can practice landing on the carrier USS Monterey in the SNJ-4C or take a Jeep for a drive around their favorite airbase…..”. For ‘us’ European types the Texan of course is the Harvard, and I’d get the package already for the nice Willys Jeep alone!

“…. In addition, a controllable 105mm Howitzer is included with animated gunners and the ability to fire. Players can also fire smoke rockets from the LT-6G or control the USS Monterey in multiplayer for their friends to land on. An AI version of the Monterey is also included for single player landings. Also included are some locator files that can be used to make movies with FS-Recorder. All Extras have virtual cockpits and animations. The Carrier even has an LSO that can be controlled….”. More info here.

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