New Version of Active Sky

Damian Clark of HiFi Sim sent us the following press release: “…… Active Sky Evolution has been released!  This next installment in the Active Sky series brings further refinement and accuracy in weather synthesis and depiction, improved smoothing, increased high-fidelity aircraft compatibility, a new graphical look and many other behind-the-scenes improvements to further increase your desktop flight and weather simulation experience!

ASE is being offered, for a limited time, as a FREE upgrade for all ASA users…..”. Available from your Account of course“….. The Active Sky series, first released in 2002, has been continually developed in effort to provide the most realistic and enjoyable weather simulation engine possible for Microsoft Flight Simulator users.  Supporting both FS9 and FSX, the latest version offers tons of useful features including universal graphics add-on compatibility, graphics snapshots with weather influence, an in-flight weather display gauge, realistic wake turbulence, vertical air simulation, comprehensive weather and flight planning, full graphical mapping and much, much more.  Visit the simMarket product page for more information.

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