Rise of Flight Changes Announced

The Moscow based Neoqb, designers of Rise of Flight, report they have released Vresion 1.011 of their World  War 1 flightsim. “…… One of the most important things in version 1.011 is the game mode allowing you  to use some game features without being connected to the internet. Specially for this mode new single player options were featured: “Quick Mission” and “Campaign”. Connection will be still needed for registration, creating new account or new user profile and, of cause, for online multiplayer and some other game modes. …”. RoF can be bought here at simMarket.

“…. “Quick Mission” will be the new way in which pilots explore the “Rise of Flight” environment and sharpen their flying and fighting techniques.
“Campaign” is a sequence of single player scenario missions, grouped by common conditions.  Even now users and third-party developers can create their own campaigns. 
As an example there is free campaign offered with version 1.01. This campaign was developed by “Rise of Flight” community members. It takes us through the most important combat events of the 94th squadron, aka “Hat In The Ring”.

Also there is a new aircraft rolled out to the airfield: Fokker D.VIIF.
This outstanding machine is equipped with a BMW engine and customized carburetor specially designed for high altitude fighting.  This new engine with high altitude control gave the D.VII much better performance.  German pilots will gain an advantage at high altitudes. Allied pilots should be cautious and watch the sky around them.

The new version also features new visual effects that will help Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War”  stay competitive with the graphics of games in other genres. For example HDR effect could be enabled to enhance graphics. The full list of changes is available here…..”.

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