Sequoia Falco for X-Plane

X-Aviation reports that they are “…… pleased to announce the release of the new Sequoia Falco for X-Plane!  Easily the most complex general aviation aircraft available on the X-Plane market, the cockpit boasts a highly detailed 3D exterior and interior, with manipulator technology to boot! …”.“…. We are happy to say this aircraft is the first X-Plane product to be 100% manipulated in 3D, allowing you a more immersive experience when it comes to literally grabbing switches and turning knobs (unlike most add-ons that just have you click switches). Whether you’re a general aviation fan who likes to enjoy the scenery around you, or a heavy metal flier, we’re confident this is an aircraft you’ll quickly fall in love with and make a permanant space in your virtual hanger for. Order now and have the most advanced aircraft for X-Plane to date!

Buy the Falco today and receive a 40% discount in celebration of our new website and product launch!  See a gallery of photos and purchase here. See a video highlighting features of the extremely detailed cockpit here.

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