Add-on For IVAO Pilots

SDG just released a Microsoft .NET based add-on freeware for the ‘tower view’ using IVAO’s IvAi. “….. The software is currently called “IvAi Look@”. This software can be used by ALL IVAO online ATC positions GND, TWR, APP and CTR even by observers too…..”.“…. After setting up the Tower View using IvAc, MS FS with IvAp and IvAi, you can run “IvAi Look@”, connect it to IvAi as you would do with IvAc and IvAp, then you will get a list of all aircraft in IvAc’s range. Clicking on the any one aircraft then the “Look@” button will immedietely reflect on the Flight Simulator view making it “Look@” the selected aircraft whether it is on ground or airborne. For more details and for software free download, please visit this page….”.

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