A2A B-17 Accusim Pack Coming

A2A Simulations of Scott Gentile is working on an extensive ‘re-do’ of their B-17 for FSX. The video shown below deserves your attention and from it you can learn what they have in stock for us with the new Accusim Pack:

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  1. Now that is really pretty! Too many engines, but really pretty. Mind you… Having experienced the Cub however, I could be tempted. The animations and sounds are really impressive. The crew animations stand out for sure.

  2. These guys are making history in flightsimulation. One of the greatests aspects that the evolution of flightsimming is allowing for is this type of richly detailed environment and allow the die hard aircraft fan to be able to feel much closer to actually knowing the aircraft (like they’ve done with the Piper Cub…). If this is where FS is heading into… I can’t wait for the future. Keep it up!

  3. omg i accadentily bought it with no acckusim uh!!!! can get it on it?

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