SimWings Plans Reveiled

Thorsten Loth ( reveiled his plans for further FS scenery products. “…. after the release of the Baleric Islands X SimWings would like to inform you about our next projects; PANC Anchorage, PAFA Fairbanks, LEBL Barcelona (in final approach), LXGB Gibraltar (en route), LFML Marseille (en route), CANARY ISLANDS (like Balearic Islands covered with aerial pictures in 0,5m/pix)…..”.
“….. These are our “middle term plannings”, all projects have allready been started and are made parallel as many working procedures are similiar. Due to that reason we cannot say anything about release dates and which scenery will be released first after Barcelona and Gibraltar. Canary IslandsX will be released as single islands, like “Tenerife X” or “La Palma X” first. Publisher of all sceneries will be Aerosoft.
About Anchorage and Fairbanks: We have been there twice and a next visit is planned in June 2010.
To make the best product, help of people on-site of Anchorage or Fairbanks is highly appreciated. You can contact us via mail(at)…”.

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