Preview: Nemeth Designs MD 902!

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Once again we are going to be gifted with a brand new helicopter from Nemeth Designs, the MD 902. The MD 902 is on the fore front of helicopter design. Featuring a composite fuselage and most notably theres no tail rotor. The MD 902 features NOTAR, ( no tail rotor). The helicopter counters torque by a fan thrusting air through the tail boom and then to a directional thruster at the back.  Pretty cool! So far Nemeth has been posting screenshots on their website and their support forum. From what I can tell we have a nice bird on our hands.  The configurations look to be Medvac,  including the Virgin (Londons Air Ambulance), Search and rescue featuring a search light and camera, also a  few executive models. There appears to be 3 cockpit configurations. Take a look here! Coming soon!

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