Search Interviews, the worlds largest community for home cockpit builders “…..  is proud to announce the following podcast editions of Tips And Discussions, Feature Interviews and Builder Of the Month interviews.
1. New podcasts.  “Tips And Discussions” 3rd Edition, with Ian.  In this Edition of “Tips And Discussions”, Vybhav again talks to the famous Ian, well known for his wonderful B737 project.  This Edition is full of New Builder information, it’s so full we’ve decided to break it up into three sessions.  Lot’s of good information……”.

“…… 2. Podcast “Builder Of The Month” March 2010, the renowned Matt Ford.  One of the first full size cockpit builder.   Matt Ford talks about how he started with a scrap B737 Cockpit in the 90’s and still is working on his continued project.  This truly is a fascinating interview…..”.

MyCockpit Podcast can be found here.

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