AirwaySim Got Updated

In a press release from AirwaySim, the online multi-player airline simulation, it is mentioned that is has been updated and new game worlds have been just launched. “…. The management sim has been updated to version 1.2 that offer many new features such as ability to create multiple base airports, complete global country history data, improved aircraft performance systems and numerous other tweaks and updates. New game worlds, or “game servers”, have been also launched giving players new challenges and possibilities to test their airline management skills…..”.
“….. AirwaySim is an online airline management simulation game/software. It works under the Massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) principle and in the simulation each player is in control of their own airline and competes against other airline managers around the world.

The management decisions made by players are directly related to other players, for example when it comes to ticket pricing or selling aircraft. There are also other options to interact with players, such as forming an airline alliance. The core of the game play concept is to acquire aircraft to the company, keep them maintained, discover new potential routes for the airline, and set them up for the company’s aircraft. The game database consists of over 2700 different airports around the world and practically every commercial passenger airliner ever built. The software has been developed by a real-world commercial pilot and focuses on realism but still maintains the “addictivity” of aviation related gaming…..”.

More info here .

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