Crashed AF447 Rio-Paris black boxes found ?

The French Transports Minister said this morning that they may have found the area where the black boxes got stucked. The AF447 Rio-Paris flight crashed over Atlantic Ocean on 1st June 2009 was an Airbus A330-200. Its Thales pitots are involved in the crash according to the BEA (French Aviation Analsys and Investigation Office)..

While the black boxes were still emitting sounds in the next weeks after the crash, a French submarine recorded sounds over a very large area but didn’t find anything.

 Then, Thales company helped with a new sound software and analysis procedure. And finally, acoustics specialists from the French Marine Nationale have heard sounds of these lost black boxes from this record, while they are not emitting anymore.

Now they think they can locate the black boxes in a restricted area of less or more 5 km. It doesn’t mean they retrieved them nor they are still usable for further investigation.

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