SE Alaska Airport Terrain From FSGenesis

FSGenesis today has released the SE Alaska Airport Terrain Adjustment Pack, covering 75 airports in the Alaska Panhandle and southern counties.  SE Alaska ATAP is available for immediate download with both auto-installed and manually installed options.  SE Alaska ATAP works with any add-on terrain mesh product, or even with no add-on terrain mesh product installed.  It has been developed with UT Alaska in mind, though, is fully-compatible and highly-recommended.Justin Tyme writes “….. Using as reference the best-available geo-referenced high-resolution aerial imagery from Virtual Earth and Google Earth, all airports in the coverage area were checked and adjusted accordingly to ensure runways, aprons, taxiways, airport properties, and most buildings were accurately-placed. Where necessary, terrain has been adjusted surrounding the airports to eliminate plateaus. In those cases where the airports are actually on plateaus, adjustments were made to ensure the greatest accuracy possible and natural blending within the constraints of the medium.

Reasonably-priced, a small, fast download and easy installation mean you can be flying through SE Alaska in minutes without plateaus, while being assured that all airports are accurately located and depicted……”.

More into at here.

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