FranceVFR – Flight Collector DVD Edition

“France VFR has released a boxed version of the Ultimate Flight Collection that represents the entire product range for FLIGHT. It is the first completed product range of France containing all Flight scenery: Flight Paris, Flight Alps and Pyrénées, the Flight Mediterranée, Riviera and Corse, 8 Flight Scenery and their 3 extensions: Paris CityPack , Paris VFRPack and Riviera JetSet).” More info at

This COLLECTOR is available at FranceVFR’s web-site and it’s on-line web-store SIMMERSTORE […] in DVD edition. All customers having already purchased scenery in this collection, can obtain the DVD Collector at a preferential upgrade price according to the number of scenery previously purchased (proof of purchase needed).

Please find details of upgrading your Flight Collection with this Ultimate Edition in boxed version at and

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