Supersonic Flight – The Future

Supersonic Flight sans BOOM!

In one of the latest online versions of WIRED magazine they report that Boeing and Lockheed Martin in collaboration with NASA have submitted ideas for some new designs for a futuristic supersonic airliner. The new plane could actually break the sound barrier without the accompanying sonic boom.  Spoilsports!!

As you can see from the attached picture the plane (Lockheed Martin design) is a long and slender design resembling an updated Concorde. The emphases in the designs have been on speed and engine noise reduction, with the end point to reduce or eliminate the sonic boom. The tail may eventually be the key to reducing sonic boom at ground level, with the inverted “V” on the tail deflecting airflow in such a way that the boom is reduced or eliminated.

The engines are placed on top of the wings again as a noise reducing measure, ie shielding the ground from the noise.

One issue both Boeing and Lockheed Martin need to overcome of course is whether the designs will be eco friendly in the fact that you use more fuel to fly supersonic, ie will they be fuel efficient?

Will we eventually see supersonic flights over land? We’ll see! Stay Tuned!

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