Day: July 7, 2010

MSK Islamabad – Chaklala

Coming from MSK Productions, their latest release is Islamabad Intl airport. The Pakistan capital city has its airport modeled for FS2004. Carefully modeled, the designer

Dallas Fort Worth Preview Update

Last month, we linked you to the preview of KDFW Dallas Fort Worth scenery from FSDreamTeam (here). They published an updated preview screenshots series showing

Carenado – C185F Skywagon Bush FS2004

The C185F Skywagon Bush for FS2004 is available at Carenado designed a standalone package with 4 different models : amphibian, toundra, floats and ski.

New Forums Added

Simflight has added three new forums to generate and keep interest in our beloved sim. They are named “Where Do You Fly?”, “What Do You

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