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Simflight has added three new forums to generate and keep interest in our beloved sim. They are named “Where Do You Fly?”, “What Do You Fly?”, and “When Do You Fly?”.

“Where Do You Fly?“ has been an article I ran twice and there seemed to be some interest in it so we decided to make it a forum. This is the place where you can suggest places for others to fly to and from. You can tell what add-on scenery (freeware or payware) or texture sets you’ve used to increase the realism and enjoyment. The places are not just nice places to land but can be challenging places as well.

Building on “Where Do You Fly?” I thought “What Do You Fly?” may be of interest, too. Many new pilots to the virtual world are looking for suggestions of quality payware and freeware aircraft to use. It’s not just for newbies. Veterans can contribute and learn here as well. It’s not only for the aircraft you may use, but also for any paint schemes you use that may be of interest to others such as anniversary or special event repaints.

“When Do You Fly?” will bring the real world and sim world together. Here members can name some real world events that are going to occur and simmers can fly passengers to and from the event. Such events as the World Cup of Soccer and the G8/G20 summits are easy to name but there may be other events that members may find interesting. For example, you may know a centennial celebration of a city or country, a popular festival, sporting event, real world fly-in, aircraft show, or the celebration of a birth place of an important person in history. I’ll be posting a brief list here once a month of events that are occurring over the course of the month.

Come on in to the forums! Join us and share your experiences with others.

Visit the forums here.

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