Carenado – C185F Skywagon Bush FS2004

The C185F Skywagon Bush for FS2004 is available at Carenado designed a standalone package with 4 different models : amphibian, toundra, floats and ski. The 3D panel has built-in zoom gauges and realistic light effects for perfect lisibility and you have a pop up access to checklists, performance charts and manual. Discover all features and screenshots here.

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  1. This bird together with FSAdd-on’s Misty Forges (better yet the whole Forges area period), FSCargo, and the Misty community here with tones of isolated cabins is pure heaven. This plane is the perfect ‘Bush’ recipe put together with Misty and it’s third party scenery community. What you have in FS9 and cargo runs is a whole new way to enjoy FS9 than ever before (an appreciation of what goes on in Alaska can’t be understated). Even though FSX is superior in visuals until the day comes where much of the Misty community’s scenery is made for it an exclusive level of enjoyment and a whole new aspect to simming can only be had in FS9 (this is because the third party scenery is so close to each other a typical cargo run can be had for 20-25 minutes versus an hour+ to get from one location to another). My hates off to the foresight the designers of all these products had when making them. It just got better with an outstanding choice from Caranado to bring us the Bush 185F.

  2. Fjords, Dillon, Fjords. As you have no idea what the FSX community is like , because you prefer to try and belittle but otherwise ignore it, I suggest you dip your feet in sometime. You never know, you might get surprised by the number of people flying it and having just as much fun, but without feeling the need to snipe at people who still use FS9.

    You know why? Those people are the same ones who used to fly FS9, so it really is beyond time to can the prejudice that FS9 is “better” or that somehow the “community” of FS9 is “better”. It’s the same people, the same community and your prejudice is, as ever, utter drivel.

    Look up “Orbx” and “Tongass Fjords FSX”. They work wonderfully with the FSX C185, the same as the FS9 bush sceneries work wonderfully with the FS9 C185.

    Whether you’re an FS9 or X user, the Carenado Skywagons are well worth having for a hop of anything from 2 minutes to 4 hours. Mine replaced the Carenado U206 as my Bush mount of choice some time ago. Well done guys. 🙂

  3. Ian I can always count on you to blow a head gasket over something like this. I guess on face value it sounds like I’m bashing FSX and propping up FS9 but that’s far from what’s going on. Since the release of the i7 machines I’ve changed my view about the viability of FSX. Now that a machine is on the market that runs FSX to ‘my’ satisfaction the back and fourth banter between the sims is rendered mute (I honestly didn’t think it was possible with the way it was programmed but thankfully it can now run and look outstanding). In another year or two I too will dive into FSX with a brand new machine at the same time (i8 or above).

    Speaking of my post above, maybe I got things wrong. Last I checked all the Misty community’s scenery ‘is’ for FS9. I’ve said here and other places FSX will get there but this little aspect is not there yet in FSX. Now if I’m wrong correct me. Are you saying the Misty ‘Fjords’ area is now included in FSX through ORBIX? Are you saying all the add-on scenery that many have put blood sweat and tears into is now available for FSX? Lago’s Scenery Enhancer now works with FSX to allow the work that’s been done for the FS9 version to be carried over to FSX? Or are you saying all the cabins and locations offered for this region via third party for FS9 are present either by FSX default or offered by ORBIX? Last I checked only the Tongass area was finished in FSX not Glacier Bay or Misty but please correct me if I’m wrong.

    The bottom line is I thought the Caranado Cessna 206G was great for this area but this release has a better fit. And seeing I don’t use FSX currently I can only speak about FS9 and what I know has been released for the two sims. Like I said I have no knowledge of the whole ‘Fjords’ area being available in detail for FSX nor have I heard Misty community’s scenery has been fully migrated over to it. If you know better please let us know otherwise quite making this into something it’s not. FSX will be my sim of choice when I get the right rig. Those who you say are EX-FS9 users who are now FSX users I hope consider moving their excellent scenery over to the new platform otherwise there will always be benefits exclusive to each version.

  4. Whatever version of FS you want to fly, you have to admit that Carenado’s 185 is a fantastic bird. After some teething pains with the FDE in the FSX version, they ended up patching it up to be a real winner in both looks and performance. I can see why bush fliers love their Skywagons. 😉

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